Tuesday 29 May 2007

more photos...surprising? not really

these ones are older, i was out walking for an hour today and have a few more photos of killiney as well.

ALSO, i have fixed my comment moderation problem, now anyone can comment.

these are the older ones:

the sky from my room

the same sky from the same room

the DART tracks


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and these the ones from today:


Beccy said...

They are so good Dillon.

Sam said...

good work Dill - I can't wait to see what you come back from France with. I think I gave you your first ever camera a long log time ago, but I could be wrong.

ChrisB said...

Dillon you know how much I love sunsets so those are just perfect photos for me. Which window did you take them from??
I wonder Sam is referring to your toy camera!!

Sam said...

I thought it took real pictures?

ChrisB said...

sam maybe it did!!

Beccy said...

Sam is right, it was red and took real photos.

ChrisB said...

Dillon I was expecting to see some pictures of France!!!!