Tuesday 29 May 2007

more photos...surprising? not really

these ones are older, i was out walking for an hour today and have a few more photos of killiney as well.

ALSO, i have fixed my comment moderation problem, now anyone can comment.

these are the older ones:

the sky from my room

the same sky from the same room

the DART tracks


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and these the ones from today:

Monday 28 May 2007

first post

right, first post

post numero 1


this blog, is, a way for me to show off some photos... which i take..sometimes. *looks uncertain* I'm not sure how efficient i will be at keeping it, i am known to suck at keeping blogs, but a few people have shown interest in MY interest in cataloguing my life, as well as my fictional and rather more Gothic life, through photography. and that, right there, is alot of commas.

the camera i use, is not a particlarily good one. i am in need of a new camera, which i hope to purchase soon (yay!). for that reason, i'd like to thank google for picasa, which is probably the most useful tool on my computer right now and does more than a little to art up my photos.

now, here are some of the photos i have taken in the past while:

ye ole castle...

boy racer much? mwahahahahaaaaa

me...being dead. and SOMEONE forgot to bury me!
james likes to JUMP!

the anatomy of a boy racer

trees amongst the dead? they dont look so sad


on the relationship between my shorts and my shoes
nameplate on a headstone

graveyard through the grass
i lay at night, on the chapel floor, looking up at the stars when a question came to me: where on earth was the roof?
and the garden...

where's the colour in my life?

some winch motor thingy...

rusted barrel
important stairway, too bad it seems to have been fogotten

rusted drainpipe
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don't be fooled! there is plenty more where they came from. i'll upload them tomorrow, along with some new photos i take perhaps. im gunna go to bed now, because... im tired.